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  Our mission is to serve the needs of the Language Educational Community. We strive to provide free, easy-to-use reference and learning tools to enhance in-classroom learning for Language Educators and their Students.  
Meet our Site Voices
  Mark Snyder is our English vocalist. Mark has over 20 years experience in musical and audio performance and engineering. An accomplished musician, Mark is also a significant contributor to our video productions, lending his talents to our musical backgrounds and character vocals.
  Dagoberto Martínez is our Spanish vocalist. Dago grew up in southwest Texas. His wife, Angélica, is from Puerto Rico. They have two children. Dago is the Minister of Spanish at The Hills Church of Christ in Fort Worth, Texas.
Greta Wagner was born in Hanover, Germany. She left Germany to travel the world at the age of 21. Her first stop was England, where she spent a couple of years. She has visited Spain, Italy, Austria, Mexico, China, and Thailand.

Greta is now a proud US citizen, residing in Crowley, Texas. But, she has yet to pick up the Texas accent.
Erica Rivers was born and resides in the U.S. She earned her B.A. degree in French from Virginia Tech and her M.B.A. from Liberty University. Erica is well traveled, having visited Ireland, Switzerland, Haiti, Canada, Italy, and France (three times)!

In her free time, Erica is quite the outdoor sports enthusiast. She loves hiking and kayaking as she explores Nature's wonders.
Meet our Avatars

Yes, their lives are fictitious and exist only in cyberspace. But, don't tell them that! Our avatars think they're "real" people.

Diego - Spanish Vocalist

Diego grew up in Central America, earning his bachelor's degree in Business Administration. He is widely traveled throughout the northern and southern hemispheres.

Diego is a practical joker who loves to change his voice during audio recordings - without warning!


Robert is third generation Spanish. His family was originally from Monterrey, Mexico. They settled in the United States in the mid-1800s and have sustained a warm and vibrant pride in their roots of origin. Roberto's father took on extra work to provide for Roberto's education in Language Studies at the University of Michigan.


Maria of Madrid was born of an aristocratic Spanish family and has enjoyed the "finer things in life" for all of her 24 years. She attended the University of Lisbon and holds three degrees centered on the Spanish culture and language.

Abigail translates for Diego.

Abigail is a Texas girl. She received her bachelor's degree in Spanish from the University of Texas, Austin. She currently lives in Spain with her young daughter and is doing post-graduate work at the University of Barcelona. 


Douglas does double-duty as one of our Spanish translators and as our English representative. Douglas grew up in Missouri. He traveled the world after graduating from the University of Texas and has settled on a career as a United Nations translator. We appreciate his volunteering his time to help out around here.

Kurt - German Vocalist

Kurt is missing his homeland of Hesse, Germany. But he's loving the American hot dogs while studying English Literature at Boston University. Kurt will be traveling throughout the US this summer, visiting our historical centers.


Elise still lives in Germany, but travels extensively to the United States. She is well-known for her commercial acting for a German television production company.

Elise has three children, two girls and a boy. She enjoys trips to the Bavarian mountains where she practices her one vice for skiing.

Herr Wagner

Herr Wagner is a member of a long-standing, aristocratic German family. He is the overseer for his family's vineyard business and performs vocalizations for us as an avid hobby.


Dirk moved to the United States with his family only recently. He is excited to learn about his new country; especially about "American" football. He often attends Dallas Cowboy football games with his sister Gisa.


Gisa is, as we said, Dirk's brother. She loves learning about the city-based aspect of American culture and you can often find her in some of the most exclusive shops in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas.

Claudia  translates for Kurt.

Claudia is actually American-born. But, she loves acting on the side. Involved in local community theaters in her hometown of Austin, Texas, she enjoys using British accents in her acting roles.



Rebecca is Texas born and bred. Her hometown is Fort Worth, Texas. Rebecca loves horses and rodeos, and just sitting under a tree on a hilltop overlooking the west Texas countryside.

Rebecca has her Master's degree from the University of Texas and teaches Spanish at a local Texas high school.

Amorette - French Vocalist

Amorette loves her metropolitan life in Paris! She sings with the Paris National Opera and in music festivals at  Rock en Seine. Like Kurt, Amorette also enjoys English Literature and even teaches an English Literature course, part-time, at a local Paris college.


Laurent is French through-and-through. But, you should see him in a cowboy hat! It's blue jeans and boots by day for Laurent and a tuxedo by night as he refreshes his culinary skills by studying New York restaurants. Fortunately, he has not succumbed to New York slang (or Texas "twang") and still maintains his wonderful French accent.


Armand is a computer enthusiast. Besides his translating duties for us, he also assists with the maintenance and development of the site. Armand's first love is his French homeland, but he is torn between there and his current home in the United States.

Mark translates for Amorette.

Mark is an all-American boy who "does it all." Mark loves traveling and spends as much time as he can in France, Germany, Mexico and Spain. He is multi-lingual. Languages seem to come naturally for him and he loves showing off his talents for us.

Jimmy is our "Go-To Guy" for ESL

Now that Jimmy has graduated from pre-school, he is here to help us out with our English as a Second Language (ESL) program. Jimmy is an all-around American boy who loves fishing and hiking and bicycle riding - and SCHOOL! - and LEARNING!

We've built our ESL files larger - for smaller learners. But, they're great for anyone with a young-at-heart lifestyle.


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